Bruno Söhnle’s FACETTA 1957

In 1957, Bruno Söhnle joined the “Heges” watch factory which belonged to his elder brothers. Although he was only 17 years old, he was fascinated by the idea of integrating the latest technology in the confined space of a watchcase on a person‘s wrist. 10 years later, he devoted himself to the production of wristwatches under different brand names.

However, the path to his own watch brand was marked by many trials and tribulations, as with every person. But by the sheer force of his will and perseverance to design watches himself, he finally found success. In the year 2000, on his 60th birthday, the energetic entrepreneur, Bruno Söhnle, gave himself the gift of his own personal watch brand. In Glashütte, a town in Saxony, he first started by making classic wristwatches with quartz movement. “This step,” says Bruno Söhnle, “was the start of my best time.” And this is how the slogan for the Bruno Söhnle brand was born.

“Facetta 1957” is the last watchcase influenced and inspired by Bruno Söhnle and reflects the facets of life: good and bad times, highs and lows – they are all symbolised by polished, matt, sloped and flat facets on the watchcase. Thus a watch was created, representing the very personal symbol of his own life, a philosophical timepiece full of personality and character.